#YTBookClub Meeting Rescheduled

Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that we've rescheduled the next #YTBookClub meeting. Now instead of this Saturday we are moving the Falling Kingdoms discussion to the first Saturday in June. The only reason we're rescheduling is because life has just been so crazy for most of us. Hopefully in another month life will have slowed down and we'll all have read the book. So if you haven't yet read Falling Kingdoms, no worries you've got time yet.
     I also want to let you guys in on my coming giveaway relaunch. This next Monday I'll be giving away 10 signed copies of Steven J. Carroll's Prince Of Earth. I read Steven's first book, In The Window Room, and really enjoyed it. So make sure you tune in to my YouTube channel on Monday and lets see if we can give some books away. 

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