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Giveaway Update 2 (8/26/11)

    Hey bookworms! This is my second update for my 100 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY. There are two more weeks left to the contest. So keep making entries, if you want to increase your chances of winning. In this video I tell you where each Prize Pack stands in terms of entries, who the two leaders are, who's made videos, and a few other things. Happy Reading and Good luck!

Carrier of The Mark Book Review & Discussion

This is my review that should have been posted last Friday. Yes, it's late but I still plan to have my next review up on time this Friday. Enjoy my review!
Kindle Edition: Carrier of the Mark

True Blood S4 Episode 9 Review + Sneak Preview!

     In case you haven't already guessed it, I've found a way to continue watching True Blood on IceFilms, even while the site is down. Woo! So I did up a quickie (that turned out to not be so quick) review for you guys to watch before the new episode airs tonight. It's also got an awesome preview of the next THREE episodes! Check it out!

Good News & Not So Good News

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     I guess we should start with the not so good news. I'm behind on my book review. It should have been posted yesterday, but I had to work so I didn't get a chance to do that. The book is read, the review is written, but I have to film it. The major reason I am behind is because my critique partner and I kicked butt on my book revisions this week, and admittedly I got tunnel vision lol. If I hadn't had to work yesterday, I likely would have gotten the video posted late last night. As it was, I planned on doing some filming this

My Bookworms Are Awesome!

    My Subscribers are awesome. Suzie is a cutie. I do some face singing and get distracted. Oh and I ask a question about giveaways.

Giveaway Update 1 (8/19/11)

The giveaway is kicking butt and you guys are awesome! Thanks so much for subscribing, sharing, and entering. This has been so much fun!

Starcrossed Book Review & Discussion



True Blood S4 Episode 8 Review & Discussion

WARNING: I use lots of naughty words in this one-- So be warned. Technically if you're watching True Blood, then my piddly little words should be like cake for you. I wouldn't watch this around the kids though. They might pick up a jaunty tune from it, sing it in public, and embarrass the crap out of you. Enjoy :D

Book Reviews Moving To Friday

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Ok Bookworms, I think the title says it all. Me, along with several viewers, have decided that it would be a good idea to move my book reviews from Monday to Friday. This decision was made mostly because I was struggling to get back on time. The internet went down and when you get behind on one video, it puts you behind on all of your videos. PLUS, I'm trying to post True Blood reviews at the same time. So, if I post my TB reviews on Tuesday

Question, Showing Off, & Bragging

    In this vlog I talk about various things, but its sole purpose was to ask you all a question. Should I move my book reviews to Fridays? Do you prefer them on Monday or perhaps a different day? Thoughts?

True Blood S4 Episode 7 Review and Discussion


    It's going up late this week because of the giveaway, but I think it's totally worth it. Enjoy the review and make sure you enter the contest: 100 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY

100 Subscriber Giveaway!!!

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    Hey Bookworms! The time has come! We have reached, and passed, the 100 mark. So lets celebrate with a giveaway, shall we? In this giveaway there are EIGHT Prize Packs total. That's right, eight. Six of the Prize Packs contain multiple books each, and two contain movies based on young adult novels and gift cards to Barnes and Noble. How awesome is that!? While the movies are brand new, the books range from new to used. So make sure you watch the Prize Pack videos to find out what's in each pack. Happy Reading and Good luck! Love you guys!

The Vampire Stalker Book Review & Discussion

     Oh man, was this a tough video to get uploaded. It was suppose to be up Monday night, but then YouTube when down for maintenance. After that I had tried multiple times to upload the video, but every time I was successful something glitched with YouTube and I had to start all over. It's finally up and all of the annotations are in. I really hope you guys like it. Also the Giveaway Video is coming along nicely. So hopefully you'll see that soon. Happy Reading!
Kindle Edition: The Vampire Stalker

Haha YouTube is Having A Good Laugh At Me

So I had planned on having my review up today. On time for the first time since the internet went down, but YouTube has decided to perform maintenance now. Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny YouTube. So funny :-I Which means that my video is being held hostage. I cannot make it live until they unlock the site. What can I do? Nadda. So ya'll are gunna have to wait a wee bit more. In the meantime, I'm going to work on my giveaway video. Thanks for the patience guys!

True Blood S4 Episode 6 Review and Discussion

Are you watching True Blood? If so, then you should be watching my reviews. I post one as each episode airs and we love to discuss what's going on in the comments. So to join the discussion, just click here and comment below the video. Thanks for watching!

Cleopatra's Moon Review & Discussion

So, I'm still behind on my uploading schedule, but I'm faster than I was last week. Honestly, who knew that losing the internet for a week or so could put one so far behind. I'm just glad that, while I may not be getting my videos up on the days that I want, I'm still getting them up each week. I have already filmed my True Blood review and my giveaway video. Now I just have to edit those. The giveaway video comes last, since it's not a requirement and it comes with so many components. So that's your little update for this week. Enjoy the review!
Hardcover: Cleopatra's Moon
Kindle Edition: Cleopatra's Moon